Heroes Whey
Heroes Whey Heroes Whey Heroes Whey Heroes Whey Heroes Whey

Forging Heroes Whey protein is the basis for any person or athlete looking to recover and build muscle after any training session. It promotes lean muscle growth, supports muscle recovery and improves strength. Our Whey Protein is gluten free, mixes with no clumping, is easily digestible and contains 24g of protein per serving. Forging Heroes Whey Protein is made in our GMP certified facility to ensure superior quality and consistency.

Benefits of Forging Heroes Whey Protein:

  • Forging Heroes Whey protein in Gluten free

  • Promotes lean muscle growth

  • Supports muscle recovery

  • Essential in building and repairing muscle tissues.
  • Protein is made up of 21 amino acids. 8 of the 21 amino acids are essential (The body does not produce them). Heroes Whey protein is a complete source of protein containing all 21 amino acids
  • Protein is an antioxidant. 

When to consume and dosage?

There are several factors to consider when deciding when and how much to take. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started for your Crossfit and Functional fitness training:

Consume 5 to 7 days per week, stop for 2 weeks every 3 months.

Weight / Dosage / Time:

  • 130 lbs and less / 18gr / after a workout.
  • 130 lbs -165 lbs / 24gr / after a workout.
  • 165 lbs - 200 lbs / 30gr / after a workout.
  • 200 lbs and more / 36gr / after a workout


  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Do not use if seal is broken or damaged
  • Keep out of reach of children