Tweak your peri-workout nutrition for mass gain & performances

To get the most out of each workout session, nutrient timing has proved it’s many benefits for performances and mass gains. Combining the right nutrient at the right time will create a better anabolic environment and lead to muscle gain faster.

Performances will also benefit from an approach like this and subsequently will also lead to better muscle gains. So both goals can be supported by improving our peri-workout nutrition. Same goes with supplements.

In this article, I will outline the best stack you can mix to support your workout using the Forging Heroes line up to it’s best! 

Start the engine first

First and foremost, we need a prime shot to set up neurotransmitters and increase your focus through CNS activation. Start by consuming 1 scoop of SPARK PRE-WORKOUT 30 to 45 minutes before working out. Make sure you’ve been eating an hour to 1h30 before drinking spark pre-workout as it’s effect is superior in an empty stomach. This should get your game on for the workout to come.

For maximum performances and added protein synthesis and ATP recovery, add 3gr of Forging Heroes Creatine HCL. The HCL version don’t need to be pre-loaded, allowing you to enjoy the effects of creatine from the first doses.

Add quality fuel to support

Starting the workout is already the time to add recovery agent that will not only support your actual training session, but also kick in the recovery process from the first set. Get your shaker out of your gym bag, open it and add two scoops of STAMINA. This ingenious blend of carbohydrates will give you fast energetic nutrient available and also support the anabolic environment during the workout.

The amino acids from the BCAA content will also support the recovery process. Performances and hydration will be insured by the blend of electrolytes contained in each scoop.

For maximum endurance capacities and to help push lactic acids threshold, add a scoop of Forging Heroes BETA-ALANINE. You should already have a dose from the SPARK PRE WORKOUT, I found out that by adding a second dose into the workout, the benefits were much more pronounced. Effects are at their best after 2-3 weeks of constant dosing. 

If you weight more than 200 pounds with a respectable body fat composition, you can work with 3 scoops of STAMINA as you carry more muscles to move.

Turning the engine off

Workout’s done, let’s switch to recovery mode as soon as possible. Start this by consuming lean proteins to refill our system with fresh amino acids to repair our broken-down muscles. Choose between WHEY PROTEINS OR WHEY ISOLATED PROTEINS to fulfill your proteins need after workout.

Add 3 scoops of Forging Heroes GLUTAMINE to stop any catabolism process and also help in GABA production, which will improve our recovery physically and mentally by switching the CNS to a lower speed of transmission. Cortisol will be lowered and the recovery better.

I would also add another 3gr of Forging Heroes CREATINE HCL for recovery and keep muscles creatine to a maximum cellular level.

The final touch to our recovery formula will be held by Forging Heroes MAGNESIUM. This blend of four magnesium chelate will not only support the "at least 500 metabolic activities" it is responsible for, but also help with the recovery and further workout. Magnesium is a mineral that we as athletes, deplete a lot during intense training session.

The added L-tryptophan will help in serotonin production, which will improve relaxation and lower cortisol.

Following the peri workout protocol, the only thing you need to do is to go eat a nice quality meal full of nutrients. If you wish to perform and grow, you need to feed the machine.

Written by Stephane Aube – HUNGRY FOR VICTORY