Optimize your training with supplements - PART 1

The world of training has evolved a lot in recent years. Training hard and eating well are still relevant and the basis of your results. On the other hand, current knowledge allows us to have access to a multitude of supplements which can as much benefit our health as our performances and our physics. But what exactly is it and under what circumstances can they be used? In this first part of a series of 5 articles, I present to you the essentials of a basic supplementation plan to optimize your results in the gym as well as your health.

Multi-Vitamins / Minerals :

Start each day with a maximum of vitamins and minerals will not only help you recover faster, but you will also optimize the cellular functions of your body. Whether you are losing weight or gaining muscle mass, vitamins and minerals are the very basis of our functions.

Fish Oil : 

Rich in omega-3, fish oil is a must on your list of supplements. Not only does it help improve insulin sensitivity and burn fat, fish oil helps decrease general inflammation and also helps with recovery. For an individual under the bar of 12% of body fat, I recommend 4 to 6 gr per day. The higher the fat level, the higher the fish oil dose.

Vege greens:

Vegetables are the # 1 food for optimal health. However, it can be difficult to consume as much as we should. With Vege greens, you get the benefit of a consumption of 4 to 6 x higher in quantity. I recommend eating the Vege Greens at a rate of 1 to 2 portions, post training. This will help maintain a more alkaline pH level and reduce oxidative stress. They are also an excellent source of essential minerals which creates a positive effect on protein synthesis.

Magnesium :

Used in most organic processes of the body, magnesium is essential and as you train hard, you also eliminate a lot. I recommend 400 to 1000 mg, divided in the evening. It's very useful for optimizing recovery during sleep and helps you stay insulin sensitive.

Zinc :

Zinc is another mineral used in more than 80 hormonal processes. 10-30mg a day gives optimal support for testosterone production.

In the second part, we will see together the supplements that can optimize your workout and have a direct impact on your performance and muscle gains.

Article written by : Stéphane Aubé - HUNGRY FOR VICTORY